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Home Cinema (16:9)/Screen Technics: Screen, Technics, CinemaPro, Grey, Pull-Down, 72”, 16:9, Screen,

Screen Technics CinemaPro Grey Pull-Down 72” 16:9 Screen

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Screen Technics CinemaPro Hi Contrast Gey Pull Down
Image Size: 895 x 1595 mmWhy choose a Grey Screen ?
When you don’t have full control of ambient light conditions the colour grey assists the projector in improving black levels in the colour spectrum by shifting the contrast band towards the darker scale. This improves overall colour saturation but with the loss of some brightness normally well compensated for by todays modern projectors.

What is a Lambertian Screen ?
The Hi Contrast Grey has a maximum gain of 0.8 which by definition creates the lambertian effect of a 180 degrees wide viewing cone, with little brightness drop off when viewed from an extreme angle. Perfectly suitable for public space installations with a wide audiences.

Description: Quality Home Theatre Manual Spring Operated Screen.
Head Box: Powder Coat White as standard with Silver or Black available.
Surface: Hi Contrast Grey - Gain 0.8
Borders: 50mm Sides & Bottom with 350mm Top Black Leader.
Brackets: One piece clip-on L bracket suitable for wall or ceiling installation.
Sizes: 72” Diagonal to 115” Diagonal - Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.
Roller Diameter: 50mm Heavy Duty
Options: Custom Colours - Extra Top Masking
Top Leader: For sizes 100” and under the maximum total top black leader available is 500mm, for screen sizes over 100” the maximum top black leader available is 600mm.

This product is not suitable to be used in conjunction with a Short Throw Projector.

Last updated: Tuesday, 22 October 2019


This product is sourced in Australia and carries a full Australian Manufacturers Warranty